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Thursday July 3rd

Northern Exposure Cruise with Celebrity Rob Morrow accompanied by 
Carlos Calvo

Actor, Director, Producer, Rob Morrow became a household name playing Dr. Joel Fleischman in the award-winning television show Northern Exposure, a role which garnered him three Golden Globe and two Emmy Award nominations for "Best Actor in a Dramatic Series."He directed and produced the independent feature, Maze, which he also wrote and co-starred in with Laura Linney. He also produced and directed the NBC comedy pilot 'The Grean Teem' and has directed episodes of HBO's Oz, Showtime's Street Time, USA's Necessary Roughness, and the long running hit CBS Drama, Numb3rs, in which he also starred in for six seasons as FBI agent Don Eppes.

A long time musician, Rob launched a band, "NHI" (No Harbored Illusions) on October 11, 2012 to celebrate his birthday and satisfy fan demand to take his music to another level, which at that point had just been him playing solo gigs and benefits with his guitar and his original songs.For the occasion, which was originally just a one-time event, Rob teamed up with good friend Carlos Calvo and a group of world-class musicians. A private concert was given to Rob's good friends and showbiz insiders at the famed Molly Malone's in Los Angeles. By many accounts the stars aligned into a harmonic convergence and the evening, which was filmed and recorded for DVD and CD, was considered "the party of the year". After the auspicious debut and because of mounting industry and fan interest, the group decided to stay together and take the act out to the world.Rob and Carlos are actively writing and recording music, some of which can be found online and on iTunes, with more to be released in 2014. The duo have performed at numerous live music venues in Los Angeles including, Witzend and The Mint, and will be taking their act on the road this summer. Rob and Carlos also started their own publishing company, Late Start Music, in 2013.

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July 5th

Douglas Gimbel

R&B/Soul/Groove Cruise with Douglas Gimbel and the HDRnB Band

HDRnB is an original R&B/soul/groove band founded by in late 2010, featuring Henley Douglas Jr. (sax), Douglas Gimbel (vocals), John Iltis (drums), Eric Reardon (guitar), Squantch (trombone), David Walker (bass). Henley Douglas Jr.'s early career includes stints with the Big Dig Saxophone Quartet and Skin, a Boston-based funk-rock outfit that would open for acts like the Neville Brothers and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

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July 11th

The Shakes

Funk/Soul Cruise with The Shakes

The Shakes is a Hallowell/Portland, Maine based band with a heavy concentration in funk music, as well as some rock, jazz, and reggae. These seven schooled musicians provide a high energy show of horn driven original and cover songs. There influences include everything from New Orleans funk legends "The Meters," to Tower of Power, Macio Parker, Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, and so many more. The Shakes have worked as a back band for John Popper of Blues Traveler, and Chris Barron of The Spin Doctors. Members of The Shakes have also shared the stage with members of the Grateful Dead, Bob Marley and the Wailers, Blood Sweat and Tears, Strangefolk, as well as opening up for such greats as Levon Helm of The Band, The Commodores. Commander Cody, Shamika Copeland, and many more. We appreciate your booking consideration as we try to keep this band moving forward for many years to come.

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July 18th

Delta Generators

Blues Cruise with The Delta Generators

The Delta Generators have accomplished a lot since forming in 2008. They won the Boston Blues Society'sBlues challenge in 2008, which earned them a spot in the International Blues Challenge held inMemphis in 2009. The band finished as a Top 10 Finalist out of over a hundred bands. The DeltaGenerators also won an Independent Music Award for Best Blues Album category for their debut album,Devil in the Rhythm in 2009. In 2009 they won Best Blues Band in Worcester Magazine for and werenominated for Best R&B Act in the Boston Phoenix in 2010. The DG's 2nd album Hard River to Rowwas selected by the Blues Foundation as a Top 5 Finalist (out of entries worldwide) in the Best Self-Produced CD competition at the International Blues Challenge in 2011. This album also placednationally at #8 on the JamBand Radio Chart, #17 on the Living Blues Radio Chart and #25 in theRoots Music Report. The DG's were nominated for Best Blues Act 2011 by The Boston Music Awards,and Best Blues Band 2013 by Worcester Magazine Music Awards. The band plans to tour in 2014behind their new album "Get on the Horse"

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July 26th

Crown Vics

Rockabilly Cruise with The Crown Vics

Playing traditional rockabilly in a style that honors the era of Carl Perkins and Scotty Moore The Crown Vics tear it up with new energy and enthusiasm.Growing up in New York City, Hollywood, suburban New Jersey and Downeast Maine it was listening to the music of Led Zeppelin, The Grateful Dead, punk rock, new wave, '90's alt-rock and all kinds of blues and soul that taught Frank, Drew, Gordon and Steve the essentials of rock'n'roll. It would be decades, and many dive bar bands later that these four unlikely and very different cats ended up rehearsing one winter night in Steve's living room. After that initial rehearsal The Vics immediately started headlining shows.With their gung-ho spirit, short and to the point songs (with hardly a breath between numbers), the band causes quite a hullabaloo when they take the stage.Each member allows their own musical persuasions, and over 100 years of combined showbiz experience to shape the presentation of The Crown Vics. There are elements of reggae, '60's Brit pop, and indie-alt that help make either a dramatic or comedic musical point. Yeah, you guessed it, The Vics are serious about the music and doing a first-rate show, however the guys don't take themselves too seriously. It is all about having fun with fans and friends and making every show a good time and better than the last show.For you gear heads and followers of fashion, The Vics feature a nice collection of guitars, stand up bass, a really beat up set of drums and pretty cool clothes! Most importantly, The Crown Vics are an infectious, hi octane, full tilt band that will get your blood boilin' even if you are unfamiliar with the vintage kick ass rockabilly sound.

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Friday August 1st

Pardon Me, Doug

The Phish Experience Cruise with Pardon Me, Doug

Pardon Me, Doug is a premier Phish tribute band formed in the fall of 2012 by Portland, Maine music scene veterans, Benny St. Clair, Kevin Roper, Chris Chasse and Cameron Gray. They have quickly amounted a loyal following of their own fellow Phish fans, who like themselves, need their fix when Phish isn't on tour. With a catalogue of over 100 Phish songs, no Pardon Me, Doug show is the same and the jams are a perfect blend of years of Phish influence and their own takes on the high energy improvisation that Phish is so well known for. A Pardon Me, Doug show is not just a concert. It is an experience! Close your eyes and you just may think you're at the real thing!

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Friday August 8th

Jason Spooner

Song Writer cruise with The Jason Spooner Band

This multi-award winning New England-based songwriter discovered his father's collection of eight-track tapes as a child and never looked back. After early exposure to songwriter legends like Neil Young, Paul Simon, Jim Croce and Van Morrison along with Motown heavies like Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder and Gladys Knight, Jason was inspired to start making the rounds on coffee house stages in his teens. Shortly thereafter, he spent time in Europe performing in folk & blues clubs and on the streets of London and around Spain. Once back in the states, he landed a job at a roots & blues record label where he witnessed numerous Blues legends (including members of the original Muddy Waters band ) making magic in recording sessions. Before long, Jason jumped head-first into the Northeast's burgeoning songwriter scene.

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August 14

Ghost of Paul Revere

The Ghost of Paul Revere

Born of the waters of the Saco River, brothers in all but name, the Ghost of Paul Revere is Maine's holler-folk band. Building their songs around powerful three-part harmonies, energetic performances, and a non-traditional way of interpreting traditional American music, The Ghost draws from a broad array of influences including Elmore James and the Beatles, to Tom Waits and more. The Ghost writes powerful songs, built on melody and energy, designed to be performed with passion. From folk to foot-stomping bluegrass, the songs have unique identities while still remaining undeniably the Ghost of Paul Revere. Their live show has quickly attained legendary status, with fans traveling unholy distances from the most remote corners of Maine to catch the band on their way up. The Ghost was formed around childhood friends Max Davis, Sean McCarthy, and Griffin Sherry. They put the Ghost of Paul Revere together in 2011 with Matt Young. In that short time they have played from Fort Kent to New York City in everything from houses, churches, music halls, and even sail boats. Their critically acclaimed debut EP, "North", was recorded in late 2011, released in the summer of 2012, and quickly became one of the best selling local albums in Maine and New Hampshire for 2013. In August 2013, the group went into the studio with Jonathan Wyman to record their first full length album.  "Believe", released in January 2014 quickly went on to hit the Billboard Northeast chart and continues to be the best selling local album in Maine. A live album of their sold out "Believe" release party from Port City Music Hall is slated for release in fall 2014.

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Saturday August 23rd


Top 40 Cruise with Tickle

The best of today's music with a little touch of retro funk!!!

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Saturday August 30th

Douglas Gimble

R&B/Soul/Groove Cruise with Douglas Gimbel and the HDRnB Band

HDRnB is an original R&B/soul/groove band founded by in late 2010, featuring Henley Douglas Jr. (sax), Douglas Gimbel (vocals), John Iltis (drums), Eric Reardon (guitar), Squantch (trombone), David Walker (bass). Henley Douglas Jr.'s early career includes stints with the Big Dig Saxophone Quartet and Skin, a Boston-based funk-rock outfit that would open for acts like the Neville Brothers and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

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Reggae Cruise with The Dani Tribesman Band

Every Sunday May 25th- Sunday Sept 7th
Saturday, July 19th

$30 per ticket, advance purchase required
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Reggae Cruises are 21 and older ONLY.

The Dani Tribesmen Reggae band has been playing reggae music in the great state of Maine since 1985. The band has performed throughout New England and has shared the stage with the likes of Burning Spear and The Band. The band is currently based in Boothbay Harbor, Maine where for the last 20 years we have played a very successful sunset cruise aboard the Harbor Princess. The modest beginnings of a reggae jam at The Wharf in Hallowell, Maine have lead David Gagne and the rest of the band to this line up, which has been together for 14 years.


Dinner Cruise


All of our music cruises feature live bands. The Harbor Princess offers a full service galley and bar. NO ALCOHLIC BEVERAGES MAY BE BROUGHT ON BOARD. All passengers MUST be 21 yrs and older. Photo I.D. required for all passengers (young and old) for boarding. If you are not from Maine, 2 I.D.'s are required for boarding. Reservations are required and are only accepted 6 days prior to your cruise.

Group rates are not available

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